Port Tanger


Lilou Nuh
Wardi Acetate

4 colors
Lilou Nuh | Wardi Acetate | Amber Lens
Lilou Nuh | Black Acetate | Amber Lens
Lilou Nuh | Oliban Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Lilou Nuh | Wardi Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Lilou Nuh, is a name that represents a secret sanctuary, a special bond, a nickname that only the wearer and their loved one share. It creates a sense of intimacy and exclusivity that keeps the love insulated and safe from the outside world, yet allows a couple to navigate life’s lessons with grace and harmony. The Lilou Nuh frame is a celebration of the beauty of secrecy and the unique bond that exists between two people in love. It is a symbol of the unspoken language of love, the one that only the wearer and their beloved understand. The Lilou Nuh is like wearing a secret, a symbol of the connection, and a representation of the beauty and the force of love.

Handcrafted in Japan. Stainless steel hardware. Gold logo and details.


Lens: 55mm. Bridge: 21mm. Temple: 140mm.