Port Tanger


Al Hambra Acetate

7 colors
Noor | Al Hambra Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Noor | Al Hambra Acetate | Dhahab Lens
Noor | Albukhur Acetate | Warm Olive Lens
Noor | Black Acetate | Black Lens
Noor | Black Acetate | Rif Blue Lens
Noor | Black Acetate | Warm Olive Lens
Noor | Terracotta Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Reflected from the ancient divine texts, Noor, arabic for “light,” refers to the cold light of the night or heatless light of the moon. This light is symbolic of representing mercy in contrast to the diurnal solar hot light of fire. The frame embodies this sense of serene and illuminating guidance, inviting one who is receptive to find solace in its gentle light.

Handcrafted in Japan. Stainless steel hardware. Gold logo and details.


Lens: 58mm. Bridge: 17mm. Temple: 130mm.