Port Tanger


Black Acetate

9 colors
Shyan | Black Acetate | Warm Olive Lens
Shyan | Black Acetate | Black Lens
Shyan | Black Acetate | Rif Blue Lens
Shyan | Incense Red Acetate | Black Lens
Shyan | Incense Red Acetate | Dhahab Lens
Shyan | Terracotta Acetate | Amber Lens
Shyan | Terracotta Acetate | Dhahab Lens
Shyan | Terracotta Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Shyan | Yellow Ochre Acetate | Tobacco Lens
Derived from the ancient tongue of farsi, “shaya” meaning; gift of god, meriting and worthy. This frame is an homage to the deep and poetic Iranian cultural roots that have often been considered a crossroads between the traditional worlds in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa making it a country that is both close to, but distinct from its neighboring regions. The Shyan is a frame celebrating worthyness, and symolbolizing the idea of being deserving of the unique gift of difference.

Handcrafted in Japan. Stainless steel hardware. Gold logo and details.


Lens: 60mm. Bridge: 19mm. Temple: 130mm.