With the Seen by Dani Bastidas photo series, the artist offers a singular interpretation of Port Tanger's Filotimo Collection.

Dani Bastidas' images seek to encapsulate the essence of the Colombian Caribbean coast, highlighting its eclectic mix of traditions, flavors, and colors.

Inspired by the cultural fusion and Afro-Colombian psychedelic music, the series blurs the boundary between time and place.

Each photograph evokes a unique atmosphere, offering glimpses of coastal life.

«Experiencing this place, is like living at 40 degrees in the shade, tasting Doña Mercedes's cocadas, smelling fried fish with patacón, enjoying the sound of the sea mixed with Chámpeta and the scent of fresh guava.» 

A Paris-based photographer with Colombian roots, Dani Bastidas discovered his passion for imagery at an early age. After a transformative experience in a London studio, his path veered towards fashion photography, leading to formal training in Madrid and subsequent freelance work. Working alongside prominent photographers such as David Sims, Craig McDean, Jurgen Teller, Casper Sejersen, and Mikael Jansson to name few, Dani honed his craft and developed his distinctive style. In 2014, he ventured back to Colombia to reconnect with his heritage and launch his inaugural project, "Heroes Olvidados," a celebration of the resilience of Colombian farmers. Returning to London in 2017, Dani continues to engage viewers with his subtle approach to color and intimate portraits.

Explore the sounds and music curated by Dani Bastidas and inspired by the series.

London — 2023

Photography: Dani Bastidas
Styling: Vanessa Reid