Visited By Marcus Brutus

After a first collaboration in 2022, Port Tanger is pleased to unveil its latest capsule collection, created in collaboration with New York City-based artist and friend of the brand, Marcus Brutus.

Drawing inspiration from Brutus' portraiture, the Visited By Marcus Brutus collection presents the iconic Saudade sunglasses in three new hues, featuring the acidity of Limon, the warmth of Cognac, and the depth of Burgundy. "The colors I selected are prominent colors that I have been using in my recent paintings, which inspire me," he explained.

Alongside the release, Brutus created three vibrant portraits that embodied his artistic vision. Reflecting on his creative evolution, Brutus noted, "Over the years, my style has evolved by adding more movement to my work. Even if the figure is still, the clothing and the colors may elicit the idea of movement. I'm also using and injecting more colors into the work."

This capsule collection, a tribute to the world of color, is available exclusively on our Eshop and at DSM Los Angeles.

Explore music curated by Marcus Brutus and inspired by the capsule collection.