Visited By Ice Studios

Port Tanger partners with acclaimed New York photographer and co-founder of the creative community Ice Studios, Renell Medrano, for a unique collaboration.

Drawing inspiration from Renell’s Dominican heritage and her mother’s unique sense of style, the Visited By Ice Studios collection unveils two key designs: the Nunny, fusing masque-style aesthetics with a contemporary edge, and the Mektoub, a Port Tanger staple infused with a daring color palette. These unisex pieces boast a fresh spectrum of colors, including an icy rif blue, a tangy lime, mint green, and the warmth of a muddy pink, all resonating with Renell’s childhood memories and family roots.

Renell’s distinctive perspective seamlessly intertwines with Port Tanger’s ethos, presenting frames that mirror the essence of eclectic cultures. «New York and being Dominican played a big role in the designs I ended up creating with Port Tanger because New York is what made me who I am. I’m forever inspired by my city, down to the fashion and people in it».

The collection echoes with a sense of incognito elegance, where aesthetics and identity converge: «With eyewear, I always felt incognito, like no one was able to see me because I almost didn’t want my subjects to know I was even shooting them.»

Inviting wearers to embrace their individuality, these new frames go beyond mere embellishments, aspiring to infuse assurance and evoke emotions through color. «When someone wears my frames, I want them to feel strong, confident, and seen!» Renell emphasizes. The Visited By Ice Studios collection is a testament to the resonance of shared stories, rendered beautifully wearable by the creative union of two distinct yet harmonious voices.

New York City — 2023

Photography: Renell Medrano
Styling: Taylor McNeill